Web internet Hosting – Beginners’ manual

Everything from smartphones to media players, all run a variation of linux. Google’s own Android is based on linux, and being able to install and run linux on my Nintendo DS with my R4 DS has a cool factor that is hard to describe. Just what does DSLinux do for your Nintendo DS system? Well, it essentially turns it into a little portable computer. Allowing you to browse the web, visit your favorite websites, and load some of the applications that we all love in Linux.

The main options for in text line web browsers are lynx, links, w3m, and Elinks. Each one handles the internet a bit differently. Each one has its pros and cons, but they do get you the information you need when your stuck with no GUI.

If you are lucky you will find a company that offers free installations and assistance with pre-installable forums, cms or traffic statistics and some even give you a free domain. The web hosts can provide such cheap prices without compromising in service quality by offering what is called Linux.

Reliability is crucial for a hosting provider. In may not be that important for someone who is just playing around with their web site…but for any serious sites, any downtime is simply unacceptable. Another reliability issue is service – can you get help easily if you need it? Can you reach a live person if you want to? These are things to be on the lookout for.

The best Linux administration books to get are ones that describe Linux commands and spend little or no time on Linux GUI (Graphical User Interface) utilities – and here’s why.

Once you have successfully configured all the settings, now you need to have a phone to make and receive calls. But as in this case, you are using your PC. Make sure you have good quality VoIP headset pair with a mic. This will help you make and receive phone calls. Make sure you have enabled voicemail to get the extra benefits. Now you can virtually attach as many phone users as you want. Just make sure to correctly configure it in your GUI based asterisk and do not forget to assign an extension to each new phone user added. The extension would be unique which can only be assigned to one phone user.

I have found a number of postings on various Linux and Ubuntu sites about using Terminal to disable IPv6 in Ubuntu. I’ve tried several of the posted solutions and found that they either didn’t work or were too complex for my simple, non-Linux Tips oriented mind to comprehend. I’ve also read that there may be a Linux kernel issue with the current version of Ubuntu in terms disabling IPv6. So I have stopped, for the moment, using Ubuntu. But fear not, I will return once I figured out a way around this.

In my experience, LiquidCD has been easy to work with, and has done exactly as I expected. In addition to the features listed above, one last thing that made working with LiquidCD a joy was its integration with iTunes and iPhoto. When burning an Audio CD, the user is given the option of browsing the iTunes library, which makes adding songs a snap, and a similar feature is evident when burning a Photo CD.

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