How To Choose A Shared Web Host In A Sea Of choices

Before purchasing from any web hosting company run through some basic questions in your mind. Ask yourself if what they are offering is logical or if its just some crap they pulled out of their ears to pull in customers. Ask the web hosting company to provide proof as to how long their servers have been online without going down, then ask them for a screen shot of the load averages. Any company worth the price your going to pay for hosting will be willing to provide these things for you. You should see stats like 3 weeks without going offline and load averages lower than 0.25 before considering to purchase from them. Good web hosting companies know how to keep their servers online and ensure that their servers stay online almost indefinitely.

Linux GUI utilities can be used to do Linux administration tasks, but they are very slow and cumbersome to use, in comparison to using Linux commands. Also, Linux GUIs are usually different from one distro to another!

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When you look into buying web hosting you should always avoid offers that mention anything about unlimited. Unlimited storage, bandwidth or domains on a Linux company is simply impossible. In addition any company offering you an absurd amount of storage space or bandwidth is simply pulling your leg to try and trick you into purchasing from them. Recently I saw a company offering 2,000 GB of storage space for .95 a month. Considering the largest commercially available hard drive (to my knowledge) is 6,000 GB and costs a whopping 0 there is no way they can actually provide you with what your purchasing.

Powershell is not a feature that is meant for most of the Windows user out there. Most people like the graphical interfaces that Windows provides and would hate to be forced to do anything by Linux Tips like you are sometimes forced to do in Linux.

It is very tempting when you see that you have to pay less than for a month but whether the hosting service provider is providing you excellent customer service or not. The best idea is to find a host that provides customer support through chat, phone and email. Normally, if you opt for a host that provides email support only, you have to wait for days to get a reply to your query. Moreover, if you want to settle your queries on phone, online support may not be the best option for you. So, know your customer service requirements first and then choose the host.

Although that gives us a complete backup, it takes time, and restoring single files is complicated, so we use another strategy for quickly backing up our day-to-day data.

What is the difference between web hosting services on Windows or Linux servers, and which should you choose?

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