linux reseller web hosting

linux reseller web hosting Get the best rated free hosting with over 99% uptime, unlimited domain,email accounts, bandwidth and storage. Free databases, script installer , back ups and supports. See more at the Link in Video.

Hosting Reseller Plus Linux

Hosting Reseller Plus Linux.

Hosting Reseller Plus,

Hosting Reseller Plus, Plan ideal para empezar a vender planes de hosting con cpanel a sus clientes o para uso interno ,Ideal para freelance, asesorias y pequeñas agencias de diseño web.


Procesadores Dual E5530 2.40GHz Xeon quad core hype.
24 GB RAM.
250 GB RAID 1 (mirrored) OS drive.
1 TB RAID 1 (mirrored) customer data drive cached.
Battery backed, RAID controller for all drives.
Redundant Power, HVAC & Fire-Detection Systems.

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