The Best 10 Tips of Being an SEO Freelancer at Upwork

Upwork is a website where you can seek for a freelance SEO job and get paid for it. We all know that looking for a job is hard, let alone using an online medium like Upwork. Luckily, there are tips that come from  high flying hours in Up work. Here are the tips.

Be brave in dealing with clients

Some people can cause you a lot of stress from just working together. They might ask so many from you that you might be feeling a little uneasy. For instance, they might terrorize you with finishing the work without providing reasonable deadline or pay. If that is the case, you better get out of that contract.

Avoid outside transaction

We’ve all been there, questioning the ten percent fee deduction from the Upwork transaction. Despite so, it is your safer bet. You do not want to conduct transaction outside work and have the possibility of being scammed and your money taken away.

Learn more about the local tax law

Most people think that by working freelance, you don’t need to pay taxes. While that might be true in some country, that might not be true in yours. You better check your taxation law before doing a further freelance career.

Insurance for freelancer

Typically, a freelance SEO consultant will have that moment where the clients are dissatisfied with your work. If that is the case, they might actually sue. To avoid that, you can always seek for an insurance specially designed for online SEO consultants.

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Make your cover letter interesting

There is nothing worse than a cover letter that is blending with another boring cover letter. To increase your chance of securing the job, you need to make your cover letter interesting. Some tips include calling them by their first name and introducing yourself would be a good start.

Be punctual on your deadline

You can stand out in the crowd on Upwork if you have a good record of meeting deadlines. You can do so by constantly meeting the deadlines of your clients. Even if you can’t, you do need to inform them beforehand.

Keep Learning!

Learning is something that you can do on a lifelong basis. Even if you feel like you’re good at what you do, you still need to learn. Learn more about SEO while you work at Upwork.

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Maintain your network

You will probably be grouped together by your client when working a project. This is a big opportunity to gain more network. Always stay in touch with them as you might need them in the future.

About Timetracker

We all know that working on a time tracker means that you are watched all the time. That is why you do need to focus on your work 110% to please your client. You don’t want to be caught slacking up when you are on a time tracker.

Promise of Exact Results must be avoided

Lots of SEO freelancer would promise a growth in their client’s traffic and ranking. Despite so, SEO cannot always be predictable. It is better to avoid that kind of promise because it can only lead to disappointment.


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How To Setup Centos Web Panel On Your Linux Platform | Free Hosting Panel Setup

Centos Web Panel FEATURES:
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What are the Installation and Configuration characteristics during Installation of CWP?
– Apache Web Server (Mod Security + OWASP rules optional)
– PHP 5.4 (suPHP, SuExec + PHP version switcher)
– MySQL/MariaDB + phpMyAdmin
– Postfix + Dovecot + roundcube webmail (Antivirus, Spamassassin optional)
– CSF Firewall
– File System Lock (no more website hacking, all your files are locked from changes)
– Backups (optional)
– AutoFixer for server configuration

3rd Party Aplications
– CloudLinux + CageFS + PHP Selector
– Softaculous – Script Installer (Free and Premium)

CentOS Web Panel (CWP)
– Setups Server for Web Hosting (websites like WordPress…)
– API for easier account management, and whmcs billing api
– NAT-ed version, support for NAT-ed IPs
– Free Hosting Module, account activation provisioning for sites that have a free hosting

Web Server
– Varnish Cache server (improve your server performances up to three times)
– Nginx Reverse Proxy (get you static files delivered in the fastest way)
– Compiles Apache from source (improves performance up to 15%)
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– Rebuild all apache Virtual hosts with one click
– suPHP & suExec (improved security)
– Mod Security + OWASP rules (one click install, easy management)
– Tomcat 8 server management & install in one click

– Compiles PHP from source (improves up to 20% on performances)
– PHP Switcher (switch between PHP versions like: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.x)
– PHP Selector select PHP version per user or per folder (PHP 4.4, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.x)
– Simple php editor
– Simple php.ini generator in the users panel
– PHP addons with one click
– PHP.ini editor & PHP info & List modules
– ioncube, php-imap …

User Management
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– User Monitoring (list users open files, listening sockets…)
– Shell access management
– User Limit Managment (Quota and Inodes)
– Limit Processes: The maximum available number of processes per account.
– Limit Open Files: The maximum available number of open files per account.
– User FTP & File Manager
– CloudLinux + CageFS
– Dedicated IP per account

– FreeDNS (Free DNS Server, no need for additional IPs)
– Add, Edit, List and Remove DNS zones
– Edit nameserver IPs
– DNS zone template editor
– New Easy DNS Zone Manager (with ajax)
– New DNS Zone list with Additional resolving information using google (also checking rDNS, nameservers….)

– postfix & dovecot
– MailBoxes, Alias
– Roundcube webmail
– Postfix Mail queue manager
– rDNS Checker Module (check you rDNS records)
– AntiSPAM (Spamhaus cronjob)
– SpamAssassin, RBL checking, AmaViS, ClamAV, OpenDKIM
– SPF & DKIM Integration
– Re-Build Postfix/Dovecot Mail server with (AntiVirus, AntiSpam Protection)
– Email Auto Responder
– Email Explore, read all mailboxes from one location.
& Many More Features.
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